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John Dorschner is a veteran Miami journalist. He has a direct website -- miamiwebnews.com -- but finds this blog to have easier software to manage. When he has something to post, he will announce it with a tweet @johndorschner and via the miamiwebnews page on Facebook. More about John and his projects at miamiwebnews.com. Email is miamiwebnews@gmail.com.

Since retiring after 40-plus years with The Miami Herald, he has been researching Miami 1980 -- the year of the Mariel boatlift and the McDuffie riots. That research has its own website, available HERE.

That research led to reading lengthy reports from panels of the governor's office and the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, which decried the intense joblessness, lack of education and general poverty in Liberty City, particularly the Liberty Square housing project that's in the heart of the area. Local, state and federal leaders vowed to fix those problems.

Thirty-five years after those reports, Liberty Square remains mired in intense poverty and unemployment. That situation has led to an ongoing series of stories on Liberty Square and the public housing situation in Miami. 

 He's also a semi-finicky restaurant critic posting as John D. on Yelp, with strong leanings toward reasonable prices, prompt service and places that don't ask what fancy brand of vodka he wants in his martinis.

Occassionally, generally when he's pissed off about the Marlins, he posts at marlinsmaniacs.blogspot.com.

From time to time, he posts videos, either news oriented ones, available HERE or pseudo artsy stuff HERE.  

N0te: This blog does not cover airport bag wrap or the 

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