Friday, May 10, 2013


    A broad exhibit of some of the best photographers and artists in Miami's history is set to open Saturday in Wynwood.
    The exhibit, entitled 20 Shades of Grey, features 20 creators whose work will appear at the Zadok Gallery, starting with an opening reception 2 to 10 p.m. Saturday.
    Those featured include Clyde Butcher, the fabulous nature photographer, and Maggie Evans Silverstein, known for her stunning portraits. Others featured are Jill Cannady, Margarita Cano and Robert Thiele.
    These artists "have been making their mark in Miami before Art Basel, Art Fair Week, Art Miami, or the graffiti walls arrived," says the gallery website. "Their personal visions must be considered if we are to have a full understanding of the history of art in Miami in this century as well as for future centuries. In the course of organizing this exhibition, the most difficult decision was which artists to invite (how does one select within the select?). In the end, however, beyond the age of the artist, the only criteria used were the aesthetic qualities of each work."
    The exhibit, at 2534 N. Miami Ave., runs through July 4. More information at